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Naruto Shippuden – Filler Anime Arc Coming November

Saiyan Island: "2012 has been a great year for the Naruto Shippuden anime. We’ve had 36 canon episodes and only 4 fillers, which is excellent! However, the time of story-following fun may be over for 2012."

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tayz3216d ago

Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Damn it all, I hate fillers with a passion! Especially these ones which have nothing to do with anything!!

tayz3214d ago

y r u happy? fillers are bad!

ExCest3214d ago

They fill up my happiness!

SkullBlade1693214d ago

Actually, fillers are good.

If there was no filler, the anime would catch up with the manga, which would mean no more episodes, or 1 episode per month...

Baka-akaB3214d ago

except it's not good . If supposedly less popular anime can take hiatuses precisely to give enough room , there is no reason , besides pure greed , they can't do the same with a juggernaut like Naruto

WeskerChildReborned3213d ago

@Skullblade, why not just let them catch up then release fillers? I think Bleach went that route so maybe it isn't a good idea.

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DivineHand1253214d ago

After half a year of fillers they want to add more and whats worst is that they even had filler episodes during the ninja war. These guys are taking this milking thing to a whole new level and its not just naruto many other mainstream anime are getting less and less enjoyable for the sake of money. I haven't seen fairy tail since the filler arc started this summer and one piece is also suffering from an extremely slow pacing.
It feels like they are now adding water to the milk to make it last longer but less enjoyable.


Simon_Brezhnev3214d ago

This is why i hate Naruto anime now. They do fillers when its not needed. You know they milking it for the money. One Piece is going slow but at least its not fillers. LOL. Fairy Tail needed a filler because its like right behind the manga. Hell when they gave that horrible Naruto a spin off. I knew they would milk this like a second coming.


hey at least Fairy Tail makes sense with their fillers. include it with the arc rather than jumping back in time and fking the order of things.

gaffyh3214d ago

I'd rather have a few fillers now, than 50 fillers in a row later because they didn't think ahead. It's the lesser evil.

Simon_Brezhnev3214d ago


Come on now this is Naruto we talking about they do Naruto fillers depending on their mood. You know we will get more fillers. Out of all the that i think of nobody can top Naruto in fillers. Remember before the time-skip they did like a year and a half on fillers.

hkgamer3214d ago

Well anime has two choices, its either slow the anime episodes down and have alot of crap going on to drag out the episode.
Or to have a reasonable length anime but then have filler arcs every so often so it doesn't catch up to the manga.

Simon_Brezhnev3214d ago

I think they should just do what other new animes are doing. 13 episodes a season that way new animes can get chances. It's a lot of good mangas that should be animes.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3213d ago

I hate it when about 1/4 or 1/3 of an anime is made of fillers.