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PETA or Pokémon, Who’s Side are You On?

As gamers, when reading a headline about a large group of people bashing a video game for no apparent reason, we are likely to get angry. A recent story shows that the animal activist group, PETA, has put Pokémon in the spotlight of their latest tirade. They claim that Pokémon is prompting children to abuse animals because of the way they battle their Pokémon. The group is taking things as far as to make a game titled, “Pokémon: Black and Blue” to get their point across. At first thought a gamer and Pokémon fan would probably be highly bothered by the false accusations brought upon a beloved franchise, however, is that really the case? As much as gamers want to fight against such an outlandish accusation, could PETA really have a point?

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TheSuperior 3764d ago

i am going to have to side with pokemon. i love PETA and have continued to donate my money to them but can no longer do so if they are going to use it to make spoofs of some of my favorite games that has nothing to do with helpping animals instead of using it to help the animals. from now on if i donate anything it will be food or supplies :/

Archaic3764d ago

I felt what PETA did here was basically try to equate themselves to the in-game Team Plasma. You know, that group who says they care about Pokémon Freedom, but who really just want to rule the world. Hmmmm...

DivineHand1253763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I always thought that pokemon was somewhat similar to animal fights in the real world where to animals fight and the winner gets the prize money. I think PETA is underestimating the intelligence of the people who enjoy pokemon and must realize that those problems existed long before the ip was even thought of.