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More sexy Dead or Alive 5 costumes released as DLC

Tecmo Koei has announced multiple costume packs for Dead or Alive 5, including some sexy kitty outfits, waitress uniforms and more.

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koga883297d ago

Well, that certainly didn't take them long. It's a bit of a shame though that most of these costumes were released for free in the past. Nearly all of those costumes were available in Dead or Alive Dimensions for free. Though considering how much they've improved the graphics this time around, I'm going to have to spring for the kitty pack.

futurefrog3297d ago

dead or alive has to be the sexiest video game ever

TrickyMic3297d ago

its sad that they have to use sex to sell an otherwise good fighting game

Vortex3D3296d ago

Until you have seen DOA Extreme 2. If you think DOA5 clothing is extreme, try Extreme 2. You have to look for the little clothing they are wearing because a quick look looks like they aren't wearing anything.

3297d ago
ScytheX33297d ago

prices are priced straight stupid, $5 for 4 outfits, even capcom had it at $1 a piece, common Tecmo and TN dont be greedy.

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