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More gorgeous Tales of Xillia screenshots released

More English screenshots have been released for the PlayStation 3 exclusive Tales of Xillia.

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koga883581d ago

I'd love to know a more cement release date for this rather than the vague release window they've given so far. These screenshots make this game look beautiful and superior to Tales of Vesperia in nearly every way.

Lavalamp3581d ago

Having already played through my imported copy, I'm really interested in seeing 8-4's localization tweaks, particularly shots of the battle UI/menus, if only to see what the font looks like. It's not surprising to see how they are handling the romanizations (e.g. 'Elise' to 'Elize' and 'Leize Maxia' to 'Reize Maxia'), considering it's more phonetically accurate in English.