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Hyouka Review [ThePantlessAnimeBlogger]

Hyouka is about Houtarou Oreki who believes that nothing is really worth doing. He’s a laid back guy who prefers to be alone and not be bothered. One day, his sister sends him a letter asking him to join the school’s “Classics Club” she once was in. The club will be abolished if there is no member in it. Houtarou agreed with the simple fact that he’ll be the only person in the club. To his surprise though, a girl named Eru Chitanda is waiting in the clubroom asking to join the club. His best friend, Satoshi Fukube and a middle school classmate, Mayaka Ibara soon joins as well. The four of them spends time in the club solving everyday mysteries. Houtarou doesn't want a “rose colored” school life that most people want. He just wants to be alone but it looks like this club will give him what he doesn’t want.

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