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Nothing Says Windows 8 Quite Like Anime Schoolgirls

Microsoft and anime girls are not strangers in Japan. In fact, you could say that Microsoft and Japanese anime girls are a thing. And not a new thing at that! For Windows 7, Microsoft had an OS character—or OS-tan, as they're called. OS-tans are anime personifications of operating systems that are created online by fans. Microsoft created an official OS-tan for Windows 7 named Nanami Madobe.

However, now that Windows 8 has been released, Microsoft created two new OS-tan. Their names are Yuu Madobe and Ai Madobe. Why the name Madobe? Madobe (窓辺) means "by the window". So punny!

The first look at these two new OS-tans comes via retailer Tsukumo's listings for the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse with emblazoned Windows 8 logo.

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Archaic3293d ago

After having a well known voice actor for Nana, now they've got two unknowns playing these girls. Guess even their OS-tan's for 8 are going to be Vista quality.

SynGamer3292d ago

I want Windows 8...but it seems useless without a touchscreen. I know there is a desktop option but still, why upgrade from Windows 7? That said, under the hood Windows 8 has some great improvements.