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Naruto Storm 3 – London Comic Con, UK Release March 2013

Namco Bandai Games has announced Naruto Storm 3 will be at the the 2012 London Comic Con.

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tayz3196d ago

i hope they confirm somebody awesome!!

crxss3195d ago

i'm still wondering how that's going to make Madara, guy has too many OP techniques

deep_fried_bum_cake3196d ago

I bet it'll be right at the end of March, like 2 weeks after it'll come out in NA with no apparent reason for the different dates.

tayz3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

r u from Europe? i hope ur from usa too cause i'm hoping USA gets it first before japan and europe

deep_fried_bum_cake3195d ago

Yeah I'm in the UK. NA will get it before Europe. Wouldn't be too sure about Japan though.

tayz3195d ago

ohhhh. well i hope Japan gets it last. Like in April or May. i love them but they always get things before us!

souter3195d ago

Jap will get this first or at the same time, storm 2 every one got it at the same week but generations it was jap-USA-UK with jap havering the biggest gap between them.