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What Highschool of the Dead Says About Sexism in Anime

Sam Weller:

I’ve wanted to talk about the way that anime has affected me for a while now - - what it’s telling me about culture and characters and otherwise. I wanted a chance to talk about anime beyond its entertainment value and try to analyze - - in my amateurish way - - how it's changed my opinion as I’ve gotten older.

So I figured I’d start with the ladies of anime.

It’s important to note that I enjoy the entertainment value of sex in anime (if the harem episode of the Vice Pit is any indication). I’ve admitted to friends (not family) how “hot” certain characters are, and how that has greatly improved my enjoyment of a show. Sex sells, and by all means, I was buying.

So for these reasons, I was initially really excited about a show I watched recently: Highschool of the Dead.

I made the wrong call on this show, and I’m sorry about it. But let’s start from the beginning...

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Lord_Sloth3202d ago

I'll agree that High School of the Dead's fanservice is too much but the show as a whole isn't unwatchable. The combat is great, the animation is high quality, and the characters are actually enjoyable as well.

Besides, it's fanservice may be excessive, but at least the women aren't being depicted as weak and helpless. Hell Saiko kicks more ass than anybody else in the series combined!