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Star Driver Collection 1 Review | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"Have you ever considered what the mecha classic Gurren Lagann would be like if it were aimed towards girls? Well you don’t need to wonder anymore as we now have the answer. It would be Star Driver, a very Gurren Lagann inspired mecha series with one crucial difference. It is the complete opposite of Gurren Lagann.

In Gurren Lagann strength comes from believing in ones self and all the manly bravura that comes along with it. Star Driver however is the opposite, strength comes from being a pretty boy. Why? Because girls like pretty boys, I think?

Now this wouldn’t really be a bad thing if it all came together and made for an enjoyable viewing experience, unfortunately Star Driver shoots for the stars but unlike Gurren Lagann it never pierces the heavens."

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JoMO3289d ago

I simply find it amazing what anime characters can do with their hair. It is just unfair.

LinkageAX3289d ago

As a prettyboy myself, I'd have to say that I'd prefer to be Kamina than be seen like this clown.

Simon_Brezhnev3289d ago

LMFAO but you must admit the insert song in this show is amazing.

koga883288d ago

I tried watching this show when it first came out in Japan and I ended up dropping it after the first episode. Surprised it even was picked up for a Western release given how bad it looks like it turned out.

futurefrog3288d ago

i watched this myself and i must say it is utter crap 4/10 deserved

masterabbott3288d ago

interesting .. 4/10.. i might not watch this.

futurefrog3288d ago Show
MEsoJD3288d ago

It was an ok anime. It was too repetitive especially the pretty boy transformation every episode.