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Import Review: Nayuta no Kiseki | Japanator

Elliot Gay writes: "In the world of Japanese RPGs, there are few series quite as impenetrable as Falcom's Sora no Kiseki (Trails in the Sky out west). Currently five entries long with no end in sight, each Kiseki game builds upon the last in a way that fleshes out the old characters while introducing new ones and expanding the world. This complexity shouldn't be confused for incoherency however. It's not rare for a character's arc to stretch across three games and two different sets of main characters. While it's certainly not impossible to jump into the series at Zero no Kiseki, the fourth game, I could never really recommend that approach. Like diving into a novel series with the middle book, skipping previous entries in the series would mean missing out on hours of character development and story.

Fans aren't the only ones who have realized this either; Falcom themselves caught on to the problem and set out to create a Kiseki that could serve as an introduction to the series. The end result?

A damn fine game."

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