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Anime: A General Rant

Christian DeCataldo writes: "This week I don’t have a particular anime to review, and no, it isn’t because I have run out of them (trust me, there are plenty more to come). This week I have yet another bone to pick with anime in general. Yes, I know I should be nice to anime; I do get to have my name in the paper because of it, after all (sarcastic “yay”).

But let’s be serious for a minute. Anime, despite all its awesome animation, imaginative plots and innovative storytelling, has more than a few faults. Everything has its drawbacks: TV has commercials, video games have shitty fan bases and books, well, you have to read them (I love books by the way, real books – turning a page feels like more progress than a scroll bar). So what exactly is it about anime that I dislike?"

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