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Fall 2012 Impressions – “Lacklustre” is the Word

Anime Viking writes:

"What first seemed to be an exciting anime season turned out to be a fairly lacklustre one. So far even the best series have yet to bring out any “wham” episode. While it may be sort of early into the season, there is no excuse for any of the series to not have some kind of hook that grabs me. Sure, I am interested in them, but I would not call myself excited.

How do you feel about the fall 2012 anime season?"

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Marow3190d ago

If tags should be removed, I'll do it.

deep_fried_bum_cake3189d ago

Can't say I agree with his opinion on K and Little Busters. I'm still enjoying K right now, even though it's a less serious anime than I was expecting.

I'm also really enjoying Little Busters. I may not be entirely sure where the show is going, but I can already tell from the recent episodes that it'll be the usual Key sadness.

For me, Shin sekai yori is really picking up after a slow start, and I'm getting into it. That said, I'm still a little disappointed so far

And finally, Chu-2 demo koi ga shitai is amazing, no more need be said.

frjoethesecond3188d ago

Yup. Nothing lacklustre about it.

frjoethesecond3188d ago

Also BTOOOM! is awesome and it's part of the autumn season.