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Valkyria Chronicles 3 Fan-Made Translation Patch in the Works

Last week Kotaku East showed you how to play Valkyria Chronicles 3, even if you don't understand Japanese, using a collection of translations and guides from across the internet. Of course, for the more patient of you—or just those who want everything translated and in one simple package—there is another option, if you're willing to wait for it.

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frjoethesecond3746d ago

This article needs more heat. People should know about this. Comment to heat up the article.

cleft53746d ago

Reading this should make Sega feel a shame for not doing the right thing and committing the resources to do a English translation. Sega refuses or are to afraid to support their best titles, no wonder that company is in so much financial troubles.

If they where that afraid of piracy, they could have release a download only version of the game for the psn store. When a company lacks the courage to take risks, they will sure drown in their own cowardice.

frjoethesecond3746d ago

Very true. I think the best thing they could do would be re-release them on the VITA and or PS3 since there's so little piracy on those platforms.

I can't help but feel a little sorry for SEGA. They make lots of amazing games but nobody buys them.

cleft53746d ago

True, but a lot of that is do to poor marketing and even poorer choices on Sega's part. Look at Ex Troopers, that's a fun game yet they are only releasing it in Japan because it isn't "westernized" enough. They need to have more confidence in their Japanese developers and do limited releases of their games like Atlus does.

It's a simple concept, yet Sega fails to realize or act on it.

frjoethesecond3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Yes indeed. If they don't wan to try the Atlus model or licence their properties to 3rd parties then the XSEED way is good too. If XSEED don't think a release is gonna do well then they keep the original audio and subtitle it then release it digitally. Not only that but they actually talk to their fans on social media.

Sad to say but SEGA probably deserve what they get. Still feel bad about all their great games that no-one knows about.