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Whiny Anime Fans Offended That Freddy Prince Jr. Called Anime “Japanimation”

STFUandPLAY's Romudeth writes:

"As you may already know if you come to this site regularly, there’s a Mass Effect anime coming out soon. Freddy Prince Jr. reprises his role of James Vega and is naturally doing the rounds promoting it. During one of the interviews he used the terms “Japanime” and “Japanimation” when talking about his favorite anime from back in the day. There’s nothing wrong with that right? Well, apparently there is because this sent anime fans into a tizzy."

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futurefrog3276d ago

anime fans for the most part are very fickle especially when it comes to naming things, I've been attacked for using english names for characters instead of the japanese name

hkgamer3275d ago

wasn't japanimation the original way westerners called anime?
I remember that term being thrown around alot in the 90's.
I also remember people calling anime "manga" because of that company manga videos.

Some anime fans are just crazy and being picky.

Veneno3275d ago

Back in the 90s the term japanimation was used to market anime to westerners, and freddy is definately a child of the 90s, as was I. Its a totally forgiveable offense.

Archaic3276d ago

Given that the terms he used were in common usage when he was our age, and are even still in common usage by companies such as Amazon, I find it hard to be angry at this. Sure, it's a bit silly, and he should have known better, but this was just a single time. It's not like it's a protracted thing with people telling him he's wrong that whole time.

deep_fried_bum_cake3276d ago

Well obviously you can't get angry at this. It's stupid that he felt the need to apologise, people are too touchy.

Xof3276d ago

It's not really an offensive term, either. I mean, unless you really, really hate puns.

I could see some outrage if he'd called anime "kiddie toons" or something like that... I wouldn't share it, but I'd understand it. But this? You've got to be kidding me.

hazelamy3275d ago

i remember some of the anime publishers using that term back in the day.

lucky for him he didn't call them cartoons, he'd have lynch mobs after him.

Smashbro293275d ago

It's funny because anime is just another cartoon art style.

wishingW3L3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

what's so bad about "japanimation" anyway?

Simon_Brezhnev3275d ago

im guessing they took it as jap animation since jap is a racist word there. Other than that i dont know. I dont see a problem with it.

Lord_Sloth3275d ago

Nothin wrong with Japanimation. It has Japan in it, after all. People need to shut up.

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The story is too old to be commented.