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Japanese Fans Name the Shoujo Anime That Men Shouldn't Shy Away From

Between My Little Monster, Say I Love You and Kamisami Kiss, this season been one of the strongest for adaptations of shoujo manga in a long time. So, the timing is perfect for a Biglobe Anime Ranking poll asking readers to name the shoujo, female audience anime that guys would have no problem watching along side the gals.

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ExCest3274d ago

All that sh*t's crunk

wishingW3L3274d ago

Fruits Basket is the only thing worth seeing. I don't know what is it with Japanese otakus these days, they have like the worst taste for everything.

Simon_Brezhnev3274d ago

I tried a lot of them on the list but straight up dropped them. The only ones i like was Kamisama Kiss, My Little Monster, and Saiyuki.

azeriraz3273d ago

Some of those are Josei anime.

Lavalamp3273d ago

You're right about that, but I don't question any poll with Chihayafuru at a top spot ;)

azeriraz3273d ago

I don't mind either! Nodame Cantabile is also a great addition even though it's Josei.