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Best Action Anime Shows

"Action!" Who doesn't get a tingle when they hear that word—especially when it brings to mind all the great anime they've seen that do full justice to the term? Here's a rundown of the most exciting and action-packed anime out there, from major hits to older classics and hidden treasures.

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Lord_Sloth3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Just finished Blood+. Awesome show but it didn't really strike me as action based. The combat scenes weren't terribly impressive, nor were they the main focus.

Also, where's Yu Yu Hakusho?

iChii3272d ago

Yu Yu Hakusho is Shonen I think..

How come there's a picture of Samurai Champloo and its not even in the list?

Lord_Sloth3272d ago

So is DBZ. Champloo is on page 2 of the list. It's #14.

Trunkz Jr3271d ago

When it does have Action, Hunter X Hunter wins XD

Simon_Brezhnev3272d ago

should be called most famous action anime shows. It's way more shows with more action then they posted.

Hokuto No Ken got more action than all them shows combined.

wishingW3L3271d ago

at least it wasn't a crap list like those from Japanese otakus.

Simon_Brezhnev3271d ago

Yeah that is true. Another show that came out recently was probably the most action packed mecha show i ever saw. It's called Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector.

I dont even think i can make a best action show tbh. I like way too many.

JAMurida3272d ago

I would add Darker than Black, Ghost in the Shell and Canaan on there as well. And I'm sure Jormungand would easily make the list if the show/manga were completed.

pompombrum3272d ago

Happy to see Basilisk on the list, it doesn't really get as much credit as deserved. Romeo and Juliet with ninjas is pretty accurate and it's a great watch for mature viewers.

Simon_Brezhnev3271d ago

Yeah Basilisk is highly underrated.

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