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Strike Witches 2 Review | Anime Reviews

Anime Reviews: "Following the disappearance of the Neuroi hive that threatened Galia the Strike Witches are disbanded and the girls are sent to different battlefronts. However, soon after the war against the Neuroi escalates. As the Neuroi try to negotiate with the humans to achieve peace a new species of giant Neuroi appears, wipes out the old Neuroi hive and begins to attack the humans anew. The Neuroi set their eyes on the defenseless Romagne. A distress call from the region manages to bring all the Strike Witches back together for one more campaign against humanities biggest threat. However, the Strike Witches are far from their optimal condition. The last campaign drained almost all of Major Sakamoto’s magical powers and Yoshika finds she is slowly losing her ability to use her Striker Unit. Support from the army is also limited this time around, meaning the Strike Witches must operate swiftly before the funds run dry and Romagne is abandoned forever. Can the Strike Witches fend off the huge Neuroi and save Romagne despite all these constraints?"

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