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"Evangelion" Fans Find Victoria's Secret Angel Model's Outfit Shockingly Familiar

Scott Green:

Sometimes people will accuse a work of borrowing from anime, and it seems like a coincidence, or you have to squint to see any resemblance at all. Then there's the case of the outfit worn by the Angel model who joined Justin Bieber on stage at The 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I think Gendo had to adjust his classes after seeing this one, because it looked unmistakably like Rei Ayanami's plugsuit.

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ExCest3270d ago

I didn't know Gendo was taking classes but, hey, when your running a freaking underground facility to defend against alien invaders who wish to wipe out humanity and whatnot, you just gotta study.

Romudeth3270d ago


To quote Borat: