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The Valkyria Chronicles 3 Anime is So True to the Game, I Forgot I Wasn’t Playing it

Richard Eisenbeis:

As I've said before, I was a fan of the Valkyria Chronicles series from the moment I first saw its debut trailer. Not only was it beautiful but also it got me, a man who never liked strategy games growing up, to spend countless hours on them. I love the series (though VC2 has more than its share of problems) and picked up Valkyria Chronicles 3 the first day it came out in Japan—not for work, but for pleasure. I spent not only a hundred hours plus beating it but also stuck around for the extra and DLC missions. Since then I have been one of the game's most vocal supporters and have been as disappointed as anyone at the game's lack of an international release.

Yet somehow, despite all this, I completely missed that there was an anime based on the series.

So after a quick run to Akihabara, I sat down last weekend with the two-part OVA Valkyria Chronicles 3: For Whom Do You Fight? Long story short, it was pretty much the perfect anime tie-in.

From the ground up, For Whom Do You Fight? is designed to appeal not only to fans of Valkyria 3 but also to fans of the franchise in general. All the voice actors from the game return for this anime, which is a must for a tie-in like this. This even includes cameos by the cast of the original Valkyria Chronicles as well.

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