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In What Anime World Would You Live?

Anime Viking writes:

Let us skip the long introduction and get straight to the point: this post features anime worlds I would like to live in. Or, actually, it does not have to be worlds I would like to live in, but rather borrowing certain aspects from the mentioned worlds and putting them in our own. It is kind of like merging our own world with an anime world.

Why not steal a character or two, or being able to “lift” as in Eureka Seven?

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frjoethesecond2996d ago

I'd love to live in the Fullmetal Alchemist world. Obviously I'd want to be a state alchemist.

And for different reasons I'd like to live in the Sekirei world provided I could be an Ashikabi. Things would be very different if I was in Minato's situation.

deep_fried_bum_cake2996d ago

Yeah definitely the FMA world for me too.

Also, why would the creator of this article say the Haruhi Suzumiya world because it would be fun? It's a world where reality can be destroyed or changed completely depending on the emotional state of a teenage girl.

Yi-Long2996d ago

... and that's Dr Slump's world :P

So much great stuff going on in that world.

ABizzel12995d ago

I don't see FMA being any better. It's a world where people can perform transmutation to destroy cities with enough prep.

There's a war going on.

Alchemy is technically against the law, for anyone besides state alchemist.

Being a state alchemist means you have to worry about serial killers coming after you, and you have to go to war.

Just too much chaos and too many chances to die. I need to be in something peaceful...... that or something....... ADULT


level 3602996d ago

Tekkonkinkreet and/or Final Fantasy world would a great alternative to this sometimes boring reality.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2996d ago

If I were to choose a world it would probably be Toriko the whole world is based on eating delcious foods and crazy exotic animals and places. Another world Id pick is HxH once u get a hunters liscence u can go damn near anywhere.

Simon_Brezhnev2996d ago

Toriko is such an underrated show.

Tratious2996d ago

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

andrewer2996d ago

LOL yeah I'm divided between Pokemon and Dragon Ball

wishingW3L2996d ago

Dragon Ball's scary man! If you aren't a skilled fighter like Goku you will end up living a boring life there. But the Pokemon world is perfect. Anybody can become a trainer and have fun just like in One Piece.

ABizzel12996d ago

Pokemon is the best IMO.

It's peaceful, there's bad@$$ animals with magic powers (so people as well), and the world is rarely ever in jeopardy or being destroyed.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2996d ago

Peaceful??? Tell that to Pikachu. Everyday he either gets forced to fight other magical animals to the point of blacking out. Or is getting kidnapped by people in pijamas and their talking pet cat. Don't forget he was taken on that "quest" against his own will and has been fed the same brown looking things since day one. Peaceful you say...

ABizzel12995d ago


Seems like a willing participant in every battle, and satisfied with brown kibble and bits


I'm looking at it from the perspective of the anime, not converting it to a real life situation. In which case it would be similar to underground dog fights and cock in chickens / roosters..... not..... you know what I mean


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The story is too old to be commented.