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Subtitling vs. Dubbing: The Great Debate

USA Anime: "Anyone who delves into the world of anime will eventually run across the most divisive issue in fandom: the “sub vs. dub” debate, which is about whether anime is best viewed in Japanese with subtitles or in an English-dubbed version. Here I will lay out the basic arguments of each side, examine their merits, and state my own position on this issue."

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D3acon3183d ago

I do both although I prefer dubbed. From what you hqve written anime has had bad dubbs but that was way back 70s 80s now the dubbs are near perfect. The voice actors are a 1000 times better and the translations a re as well.

There are some shows that have written scripts to include the american audience pop culture such as sargant frog and baka and test to name two. This doesn't change the meaning and the audience can relate.

The point you brought up about subtitles is true you can't watch the visuals and text at the same time. The other problem I have is after you watch a long series in their native language it sou ds weird in english and using a other voice. Eventually you get use to it after a few episodes.

So I guess I prefer english just because of the distraction of text after I learn japanese it will be a differrent story. Good read.

Simon_Brezhnev3183d ago

I dont know man some shows especially in 80s and 90s the dubs sound way better than todays. There is hardly any emotion in new dubs.