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New Dragon Ball Z Film gets it's title

Luke Halliday writes:

"That’s right Dragon Ball fans, the upcoming hotly anticipated 2013 Dragon Ball Z film now has an official title. Although originally speculated to simply be the films tag-line we can now confirm that the films complete title has been revealed."

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JoMO3260d ago

Egyptians! I knew they would come for us all.

koga883260d ago

So... they've had him fight against pink blobs, giant green cockroaches, randomly shaped dragon people and more. Now they are having him fight a big purple kangaroo/jackal that is meant to be an egyptian god? Next thing they'll have him fight Superman to do some west vs east cross battle.

futurefrog3260d ago

Superman vs Goku would be legendary haha. He pretty much has fight everything at this point, what else can they do?

zeal0us3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Screw Attack suppose to be doing a death-battle of Superman vs Goku.

dragonrage003259d ago

Goku would wipe the floor with superman.

Simon_Brezhnev3259d ago

Yeah i dont like the look of this purple kangaroo.

tarbis3260d ago

I'm sure it'll be another Goku pwns every single enemy while the rest esp Vegeta get to eat shit.

Vandamme213260d ago

You know goku is the main was never about vegeta.

Ben_Grimm3260d ago

Goku may be the main character but after so much time it is still sad to see Vageta (who is a way better character) play second best to Goku.

Pushagree3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

I'm glad people finally see the awesomeness in Vegeta now. As a kid, I was the only one of my friends who liked Vegeta. The rest thought he was arrogant, selfish, and unlikeable. The fact is though is that he always worked harder than goku and got less for it, which makes him a very relateable underdog.


Planet vegeta naturally has 10x gravity. Vegeta lives there for years and gets a power level of 18,000 when he gets to earth. Goku trains on king kai's planet for 80 days and gets a power level of 8,000.

Goku had to train at 100x gravity for 6 days to get enough power to transform into an ssj, vegeta had to train at 500x gravity for a year for the same thing.

Vegeta got to train in the time chamber twice, but made no real progress the second time despite being able to go USSJ from one years training. Goku trained less than a year and mastered Full power SSJ.

After 7 years of the same training, vegeta finally reaches ssj2. (it took gohan one year at 10x gravity in the time chamber.) Meanwhile, goku gets magical god training, which pushes him to ssj3, which vegeta never reached even in GT.

dragonrage003259d ago

@Pushagree, after Goku trains in king kai's planet, his power level IS OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAANNND!!!!!
(I know its 8000 in the original, but the 9000 is just a classic)

HalfNerdHalfAmazing3260d ago

It about time I always thought I never see a new DBZ again

DarkBlood3259d ago

well i'll get the next dbz game that features the new characters in the movie

i only own these games after all
RB 1
RB 2

its day one blu-ray release for me though i wish i could see it on the big screen over here in canada

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