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[C] – Control – The Money of Soul and Possibility Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"[C] – Control – The Money and Soul of Possibility tackles a rather mundane subject with a decent amount of action, a few humorous moments here and there between Msyu and Kimimaro as well as a plot that will leave you thinking after the final episode wraps up. That, along with an impressive level of animation, helps [C] do an impressive job of keeping the viewer interested, however it is still plagued with multiple points where the story slows down to a crawl and is loaded down with multiple economic terms that almost certainly require a visit to the C-conomics extra to understand."

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koga883269d ago

I was rather surprised by this one back when it aired in Japan. Although it ended with a rather decent finish, they left it open enough that they could have worked a second season in there somewhere. Unfortunately I don't see that happening, which is certainly a shame as I would have loved to see more Msyu.

LinkageAX3269d ago

So I can finally pick this to check out.

masterabbott3269d ago

Im going to check it out too. wanna watch it together ?

Archaic3268d ago

I must admit, as both a Pokémon fan and someone who's studied a bit of finance and economics, I was rather amused with this whole setting. It's a fun little romp, though it's unlikely that it'll ever be followed up on.