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Top 10 Heroines Of Autumn 2012


More than often, the otaku base engages in activity that affirms their lack of sanity, excess of creepiness, or simply blindness to all but breasts – but in this ranking, they have truly proven their gentlemen status.

Or, at least a respectable legion of them have. To the friends of justice, today we celebrate – over 20,000 otaku cast their vote in a heated contest on selecting the top heroine of the ongoing autumn anime season. Fierce as the numbers of decision-making may have been however, the fact of the matter is that the option pool of heroines isn’t particularly strong this season – most of them being expendable and not worthy even of remembrance.

But of course, even such details do not detract otaku from obsessing with certain 2-D girls – regardless if the fictional female in question is truly a queen to be admired or not.

Yet this moment is made historic in that through the face of adversity and lower desire, a band of 1383 strong have ensured that triumph will be only in the name of the most deserving. Having victoriously pressed through several preliminary rankings, Yunocchi of ever-classy and artistically inclined slice of life, Hidamari Sketch, has scaled the heights and overcome the seemingly improbable to secure an indisputable reign of success.

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