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Anime for Those Who Hate Anime

Japan Powered: "As shocking as it sounds, some people hate anime. With some of the oddities and quirkiness of the medium, it is understandable. Kawaii, high school heroes, and chibis are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, as us anime watchers know not all anime is created equal. Not every series has to do with high-schoolers swinging katana or teen-drama. Here are 4 anime that even those who absolutely hate anime could enjoy."

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Flavor3168d ago

Some day, in the distant future, the dark age of Moe will end.. and creative, mature, and engaging anime will be born anew unto the world.

Simon_Brezhnev3168d ago

I highly doubt now. LOL

Mature animes becamea dying breed in the 90s. We are lucky to get one a year now.

Yi-Long3168d ago

... that Mushishi deserves to be on this list.