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Preview of Winter 2013 Anime Series | Anime Aura

Azeriraz writes: "It amazes me how amidst such a great season, I’d find the time to write up this preview. With that in mind, the Winter 2013 anime season looks weak (like always) but has a few new series which pique my interest and a few sequels to some favourites from 2011/2012. One of the most notable things about this season is that we have no new series airing in the noitaminA timeslot, since PSYCHO-PASS and Robotics; Notes are continuing.

As usual I’ll be reviewing almost everything that’s coming up, but I’ll no longer provide embedded previews. There will be links to previews in an attempt to speed up this post’s loading time.

Enough talk, let’s see what Winter has in store for us."

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Instigator3251d ago

Winter isn't as impressive as the Fall season. That's all good though, because this season has made a huge impact on my backlog as it is.

gaffyh3249d ago

Really crap season tbh, not a single one on there that I even want to watch slightly.

ExCest3249d ago

gunna git mah hog-uh-nye and git alluh wei homeh to me mum to tell-er de gud knews.