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Psycho-Pass: Originality vs. Enjoyability


Coming into the Fall 2012 anime season, Psycho-Pass earned the distinction of being one of the handful of new series to be widely hyped (and for which expectations were quite high). Now six episodes in, I reckon it's quite safe to say that the series has met most of those expectations—especially in terms of its science-fiction aspects. However, as some Western movie fanatics (Blade Runner, Minority Report) and Ghost in the Shell fans may attest, it's also has to be noted that many of those same sci-fi elements seem to be borrowed or at least inspired in part by the aforementioned series.

Granted, the Psycho-Pass does standout with some of its own unique flair, but the question this scenario begs to ask is: "At what point do we draw the line between what's acceptable and not in terms of a lack of originality?"

A discussion of some of the similarities between Blade Runner, GITS, Minority Report and Psycho-Pass, as well as some pondering about the importance of or...

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