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Japanator's 2012 Holiday Shopping Guide: Games

Josh Tolentino:

The holidays are upon us, dear readers, and where that usually means celebrating togetherness and occasionally the birth of a major religious figure, it also means having to shell out tons of monies for gifts to distribute to friends, enemies, frenemies and loved ones, that all may be jolly and materially richer for it.

Of course, some of the choicest material riches that one can distribute to friends, enemies, frenemies and loved ones are pieces of interactive entertainment software, colloquially known as "videogames". That's what we Japanator are here, tonight, to help you out with! Below you'll find a list of some of our favorite videogames from this year that you can shell out your tons of monies on, for the joy of others - or yourself.

Read on below and find out what Japanator Recommends for your videogame enjoyment!

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