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I Watched the Persona 4 Anime Without Ever Playing The Game | Kotaku

Richard Eisenbeis:

There's a point in every gamer's life as they get older when they realize that with work and everything else going on in their lives, they just don't really have time to play every game they want to anymore—no matter how good it is reported to be. And after spending over four years constantly "planning to play Persona 4," I guess I need to admit to myself I've hit this stage.

I am no stranger to the Persona series. I loved Persona 3 so much that I played both the normal version and FES when they came out. But despite the great things I've consistently heard about P4, there's just so much other great stuff out there that doesn't need a sixty-hour time commitment that I've continuously put it off. Then it occurred to me that since my favorite part of RPGs has always been the story, why not just watch Persona 4: The Animation instead? If nothing else, it was a facinating experience.

[Note: This review contains minor spoilers.]

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