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The Origins of Mega Man: Anime and Manga

Mega Man was a creative little robot upon his 1987 debut. He took on a force of hostile machines, he gathered a new weapon from each defeated boss, and he did it all in whatever order the player chose. Video games were barely beyond infancy, their industry little more than 15 years old, and in this realm Mega Man and his world were startlingly original.

Like many video games, Mega Man was a pastiche of older ideas from film, comics, animation, and the broad gamut of science fiction. Capcom seized on the common theme of robot rebellion, peppering it with all sorts of cartoonish style. In fact, many of Mega Man's constituent parts came from the anime and manga sector, which doubtless molded the minds of Mega Man's Japanese creators in their youth. But what were the biggest influences on Capcom's once-proud icon?

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