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Why Clannad is Overrated (In the Form of a Review)

Riyoga's Ramblings writes:

Before I even write anything review-wise, I should remind everyone that “overrated” is not the same as “bad”. This is kind of a funny thing to clarify, considering up until a few days ago, I hated Clannad‘s guts. The first time I watched it, I had the expectations of it being some pinnacle of writing in regards to drama or whatever people hype it up to be. It not only failed to meet those expectations, but put them into a box, lit the box on fire, then threw it off a bridge while making overdramatic poses.

I rewatched it for the sake of writing this post, and it was a lot easier to enjoy it when my expectations were it being absolutely terrible.

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ExCest3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

How could he hate it? (SPOILERS AHEAD)

How was Fuko's existence not explained? Were (SPOILERS) ghosts immediately defined as intangible? Maybe I liked it more because it was one of the earlier anime I had watched before I was desensitized, but I rewatched the Fuko arc and it was still sad. Maybe I'm just soft and not all people are as well. Some people are just colder. Like, 80 degrees colder.

Well, I liked the show. Like, a lot so w/e

Riyoga3239d ago

I don't hate Clannad. I just don't adore it like most people seem to.

Being some kind of tangible ghost still doesn't explain Fuko. What about the rules concerning people not being able to see what she was holding? Or how for no real reason, her sister was able to see her at the wedding?

I like to understand my characters before I get attached to them. If that makes me "80 degrees colder", then so be it.

djfullshred3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I hate seeing the word "overrated" on personal opinion reviews. It is very arrogant to use that word, as it implies you have a superior perspective of the show than a vast amount of people who thought more highly of it than yourself.

The rating is exactly what the majority thinks it is, not the minority opinion. A differing opinion is good to hear, but you really can't dispute the overall rating from a consensus of viewers.

Riyoga3239d ago

Someone saying why they think their opinion is the correct one in an opinion piece? Say it ain't so!

I fail to see the problem with using 'overrated', seeing as it's not something that can be used objectively to begin with.

Gekko3244d ago

I can't say that I disagree with the Fuko’s arc statement because I sorta found it confusing as well but I think it's unfair to say that most of the female cast were as interesting as wet toilet paper.

They all were interesting in their own way, it's just that they weren't fully developed as much as they could've been.

iamlegend99993244d ago

See this made me mad. I had to log on jus to say how much of a faggit this guy is. Clannad is one of the best anime of all time. He's only saying its overrated because everybody who has ever watched it cried. So piss off. Back to work.

Riyoga3239d ago

Woah, how did you know I was a faggit? I never thought I'd be found out...

You even know that I hated it because it made people cry! I tried to cover it up by showing how the writing was sloppy at times, but the truth is that I just think emotions are for the WEAK.

D3acon3238d ago

guess, I will put my 2 cents in, this was a fantastic anime. I can see the fukou arc as being confusing to some but I thought it was good, however it did not fit the overall feel of the anime leading up to it.

As far as characters go, I guess you like some people and despise everyone else. I thought they had personality and believable in their intentions. If you watched the first season then i would probably check the whole thing before drawing a conclusion on the series.