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C For Control Review | Capsule Computers

"C For Control, as Siren Visual call it, is an anime series based around the concept of money and what it means to have it. While beginning to write this review, I have to admit that I had a hard time working out what this series is actually called. The spine of the DVD case reads like this: “The money of control and Possibility CONTROL” and the Wikipedia entry on the show reads as this: “[C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control”. So I settled on what it says on the Siren Website for the titling." - Capsule Computers

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masterabbott3158d ago

interesting review. i might watch this one.

koga883158d ago

Why did this site double down on the reviews with this anime?

ManDemon3158d ago

Whatever the reason, both reviewers seem to be in agreement over the shows quality.

H2OAcidic3157d ago

Two? Only one needs to review not two reviewing the same series. Anyways, I enjoyed it but I felt they could have made the story longer.

LinkageAX3157d ago

Two different releases; one was US and one was Aus. The distributor tells us this.