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Naruto’s Week 1 Ratings on Toonami

Saiyan Island: "How did it do in week 1? It was the second most watched show on Toonami for the night, with only Bleach having more viewers. "

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tayz3243d ago

wow, second, that's disappointing. Even though it's an old episode, I thought it would come out on top. Maybe if they aired it at midnight instead...

koga883243d ago

Well, it's not too surprising. It seems that the viewership almost follows the time-frame exactly. The later in the night the lower the actual viewership. That being said, it is a very very old episode of Naruto now so most people have probably seen it already at this point.

Archaic3242d ago

Quite. Late night timeslots are to service hardcore viewers. Putting something old on which most of them will have seen already, if they don't outright own copies, doesn't do anything for them. They need to put on newer shows, preferably shows which appeal to the same groups of people but which many of them (who don't watch through places like Crunchyroll) may never have seen before.

Lord_Sloth3241d ago

Not with that voice acting. XXXP

sitharrefus3242d ago

not surprised and im sure a lot of ppl know that they can watch everything on hulu

ReconHope3241d ago

when will naruto anime die?

rootbear3241d ago


It's kinda hard to say considering the manga is still going on. Nonetheless in my opinion they should have picked up where they left off on Shippuuden. Oh well though, I'm enjoying every bit of it. Even when I have to wait all week for one episode.