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Japanese Anime Fans Take Out Their Frustration on Most Tired Premises for Anime Series

Anime is a business that loves to repeat and refine its successes. The result is that there are some pretty overused models for anime series. A recent Biglobe Anime Ranking asked Japanese readers to name anime which they're most tired of.

When the list is said and done, you have to think hard to come up with some anime that doesn't fit some category. As such, inclusion seems less significant than rank.

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Simon_Brezhnev3146d ago

If none of them existed we wouldn't have anime. I am tired with like half the things they mentioned though.

djfullshred3146d ago

Like any other popular entertainment platform, you have to sort through the pretenders & cloners to find the true gems created by inspired masters of the medium. Only a small percentage of work will be of that nature, with the majority trying to copy & ride on their coat tails.

ExCest3146d ago

Well, shucks. That just about describes everything.