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Why Eureka Seven AO is Bad #01 – When Shallow Characters Dominate

Anime Viking writes:

Seriously, why the hell are Eureka Seven AO’s characters so shallow/poor/shitty/you name it? I can accept that they all do not have any deep back-story, because that would take up too much time, but the least I could ask for was to make them consistent and actually play a part in the story.

But they do not! Heck, they barely even talk to each other, which is a much greater insult. Why have characters if they will not interact with each other in the first play?

Did anyone here actually enjoy the characters?

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Simon_Brezhnev3152d ago

Oh i dropped this show after like 12 episodes.

Marow3152d ago

Good choice, because it is horrible. It also proceeds to later ruin the original series.

Kur03151d ago

I actually liked the ending better than AO in its entirety. It was sad but at least Renton and Eureka returned home and Ao taught them not to lose hope in having a healthy child one day. I don't see how it ruined the original. The rest of AO was pretty bad though.

koga883152d ago

I tried watching the first episode and chose to drop it right then and there. I usually try to give a series three episodes to work with, but I just couldn't bother with this one at all.

Simon_Brezhnev3152d ago

I think the reason i kept watching was because i didnt have nothing else to watch. Probably some new anime came up after 12 episodes i dont know. LOL

Marow3151d ago

Actually, the start is the best part of the series, along with a certain scene around halfway. The rest of the episodes are just bad.

ReconHope3151d ago

shows like this are why i don't watch anime as much as i used too.

ExCest3151d ago

:( I had high hopes for this show. I stopped halfway but I intended to finish. Now to lower my expectations. I don't like dropping shows after watching half of it.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3151d ago

I act like this show NEVER happened. Where is Gekko State?!