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Import Review: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy | Japanator

Elliot Gay:

Originally conceived as a spiritual sequel of sorts to Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light, the strangely titled Bravely Default: Flying Fairy eventually became a standalone game. New 3rd party IPs have it hard when it comes to selling units on a Nintendo console, which makes Square Enix's decision to nix the Final Fantasy title a strange one.

And yet a few weeks following its Japanese release, Bravely Default had already sold over 200,000 copies, encountering stock shortages that forced the team to put up a downloadable version of the game on the 3DS Eshop. If that's not a sign of success, I'm not sure what is.

The development team claimed that their goal was to create a 'royal RPG' of sorts; a classic feeling JRPG for modern day audiences. With an array of social features, a large roster of outside talent, and SE artist Akihiko Yoshida on board, how did Bravely Default turn out?

Follow me after the break and find out.

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