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9 Reasons Why Anime Is Superior to Western Animation

Chris Beveridge:

While animation coming out of America has improved a lot in the last several years due to Adult Swim and other influences, it's still nowhere near where Japanese animation has managed to go. While cartoons in the US were largely relegated to kiddie fare for so many decades, it made much larger strides in Japan for quite a few reasons, with shows spanning across all demographics and genres. There are exceptions to every rule, though often those exceptions are called anime when they're not. Yes, we're looking at you Avatar the Last Airbender. So why is anime superior?

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D3acon3108d ago

Nice article and I would have to agree with it. You can pretty much find anime for anything you may be in to. I do find some of the comments troubling on the main page. Saying they're all the same lets me know that their experience is very limited. The same could be said for almost any Hollywood block buster.

Bimkoblerutso3107d ago

You'd be hard pressed to make a convincing argument that anime these days is not almost completely dominated by cliches, generic designs, and genre tropes...but then you can say the same thing for Western animation. It's just the nature of things.

And it's that realization that makes this redundant argument so pointless, because on both sides you have people that use the cliches and tropes of a given region to define their ENTIRE output. And that just ends up closing people's minds to the truly creative, engaging releases from those regions...and I promise you, there's great stuff coming from both sides of the pond.

D3acon3106d ago

In reality there only about 7 stories you can tell. So you've heard every story plot. Why people keep coming back is due to its presentation. Not all anime involve high school students, not all anime involves some magical device or power level, but they all follow the same plot devices.

People typically talk about the top anime that air all the time like one piece, naruto, bleach, etc, they're all the same and follow the same formula because they are cash cows. I'm not even sure how many episodes are in one piece. I think they are only popluar because of prime time, they air it over and over again rinse and repeat. I heard someone even say that the reason anime like this is popular because there is no end but if you take a great series that the reach on conclusion you typically never hear from them again. I'm sure you can think of some anime series better than the ones on prime time they you feel should still be running or be as popular.

I would just find a genre and stick with, your guaranteed to find something you like. .

BlackPrince 423108d ago

Oddly enough while I agree Japanese animation is superior to Western animation I think this list of reasons why is pretty terrible.

Especially the notion that the Japanese do love stories well and the West doesn't. That's completely backwards.

wishingW3L3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Why the list is terrible?

It's true that right now Japan is completely fixated with perverted animes and moe but can you even mention a single western animation that is as complex and deep as something like Ghost in the Shell or Evangelion? No you can't!

Right now I'm tired of anime and for months I've been looking around Western animation and all I find are kid shows like Ultimate Spider-Man and Young Justice or boring comedies like South Park and Family Guy. I did liked some Batman animated films but that is it. If you can point me out to a Western animation that is close to be as godlike as something like Zeta Gundam or Cowboy Bebop then I'm all ears....

otakukidd3107d ago

batman TAS, Batman beyond , and the old X-men cartoon from the 90s. I really like young justice and is one of the best cartoons out right now. if you like the ninja turtles, the new series is also good. DC animated movies are really good also. Transformers prime and avengers can be good also.

TheKindRoost3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I love anime as much as the next guy andI firmly believe Myazaki is one of the greatest animation artist. But are you really ready to discredit the illusionist, the triplets of belleville, the secret of nimh, fantasia(1940), waltz with bashir, persepolis( find me anime with a more adult tone than the last two) just to name a few.

Imalwaysright3107d ago

Batman the Animated Series! I remember being a kid and waking up in the weekends at 7 AM just to watch it! My favorite anime/cartoon of all time is Crayon Shin-chan and my favorite animated movie is Spirited Away however overall i would say that eastern and western animation are on par.

BlackPrince 423107d ago

Reread my comment, I think Japanese animation is generally better.

But c'mon, the Japanese, by and large, are not a society that marries for love, and their are very few animes that carry a love story well.

And there is plenty of depth in Western animation, it's just that Western writers tend to work themes into the writing more subtly than their Japanese counterparts.

Simon_Brezhnev3107d ago

Young Justice is for everybody not just a kids show. I do agree with Ultimate Spiderman.

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futurefrog3107d ago

This article is 4 years old why is this on shinbun now?

DivineHand1253107d ago

Not sure if animeshinbun has been around for that long.

Lord_Sloth3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Guess we're starting to recycle now....Slow week maybe?

On topic...I actually consider Avatar: The Last Airbender to be 1 of the best cartoons in the US and is even better than a few anime.

Sure it's not on par with FullMetal Alchemist, Outlaw Star, Black Lagoon, and many others but we should be encouraging the US to try and immitate anime more often, not scold them for it. If the whole world starts producing anime doesn't that just put us in heaven?

Tzuno3107d ago

Anime is king period. If you brag about then you don't know nothing about anime.

256bit3107d ago

those 9 reasons are invalid. Just another weaboo that doesn't appreciate all types of animation. He forgot to mention how Walt Disney influenced japan as well.

Simon_Brezhnev3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Yeah i hate closed minded people. I try all types of cartoons from different countries to see how they are. Japan got the most but western are abandoning 2d. A lot of new cartoons are 3d now. I guess its easier to do episodes with 3d.

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