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The List - Anime's 8 Feistiest Female Redheads

Lynzee Lamb:

Has the frost moved into your neck the woods yet? We put a pellet stove into our dilapidated wood stove in hopes of heating this place, but it only makes me itchier to move into my brand new home starting in January. You see, my own feisty redhead turned three last month, and he isn't exactly thrilled about the whole moving adventure. However, HE did inspire the topic for this week's list. Let's get started!

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CrescentFang3236d ago

Kaze no Stigma... it was a nice anime based off a light novel... too bad the author passed away. Rest in Peace Takahiro Yamato


yea , it's a shame we will never see how he wanted it to end the series

Simon_Brezhnev3235d ago

I didnt know that i liked that show.