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VIDEO: "Hunter x Hunter" Initiative × And × Law 2011/1999 Comparison

As Hunter x Hunter moves into its "Greed Island" story, fan editor Hillua has put together a new comparison video, juxtaposing how
2011 Madhouse Studios and 1999 Nippon Animation versions of the anime set up the conclusion of York New arc. Goes without saying, spoilers are involved.

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yaz2883235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

although I love the new hxh .. but still prefer the old simply because it felt more mature with the art and also darker. + the soundtrack which I fucking loved so much.

the gon vs hanzo fight .. I loved how intense it was in the new one. gon seemed really week and struggling and that was more realistic imo.

however the crazy animation they added in the old version were fucking awesome.. you don't see allot of it today for some reason. and how hanzo telling gon to give up (or die) and try next year!( epic soundtrack playing ) ..omg that scene was powerful.. it was one of the greatest moment I've ever seen in shonen anime!