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Sword Art Online 24 Review: How Insane Can this Episode Get?!

From "Sword Art Online 24 was recently released. SAO episode 24 is entitled The Gilded Hero. The title, “Gilded Hero” was actually referring to Kirito, he just called himself that during his battle with Fairy King Oberon, a.k.a Sugou. Anyway, this episode is insane, at first it will make you want to hurt somebody really bad, but towards the end it’s a happy ending. Please continue reading my Sword Art Online episode 24 review below."

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Simon_Brezhnev3236d ago

This episode had me ROFL. I aint going to lie it was pretty damn satisfying.

DivineHand1253236d ago

One of the better episodes in a long time but I feel the characters in this series are too reserved. Kirito finally rescued Asuna and yet he is taking his time to go check on her on the hospital talking to everybody he sees on the way there. I know most people would have made a mad dash to that hospital room.

whatswithjeff3236d ago

I agree
but he did go to the hospital immediately even if it was freezing cold outside.
Anyway, his work is not done yet. I'll post a spoiler soon if anybody would be interested. ^_^

Simon_Brezhnev3235d ago

I only liked when he torched that dude. I was laughing my ass off when he started screaming.

FrostyZipper3235d ago

Still don't see why this is so popular but whatever floats your boat I guess.

whatswithjeff3235d ago

That's probably because both lovers and haters of SAO watch it. ^_^