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2012: The Year I Rediscovered My Love For JRPGs


Back in the late 90s/early 00s, I started playing a number of JRPGs. Final Fantasy 7 was the catalyst of it all. The gameplay and storytelling instantly clicked with me. From there, I started looking for other games like it. Some I liked, some I didn't. At one point, I ended up enjoying them so much that I actually started importing JRPGs that never made it to the UK. I couldn't get enough of them. It didn't help that I knew a few people who were into them at my college.

However, when I started university (yeah, it's different from a 'college' in North America) in 2007, I didn't really have the time for them. As a result, I drifted away from my favourite genre. There were plenty of games I wanted to play, but I knew it would be futile to start them with my busy schedule. wasn't until this year when I finally got back into them. How did it happen, you ask? Let me explain.

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