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Brains Base Gets “My Romantic Comedy”


Our “youth romantic romantic comedy” won’t be so wrong after all as the studio involved is no chump – Penguindrum masterminds, Brains Base, have got the title under their name, and a seasoned voice cast.

If you like spectacular series, then you’ve likely watched a Brains Base production at some point – Durarara!! and Baccano are both two more prominent examples, the second season of Spice and Wolf is a third, and for something of the ongoing season, the epic adventure of Ixion Saga DT should speak for itself, and one shouldn’t require an introduction to Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.

Brains Base delivers high caliber animation under a versatile methodology. As seen in Penguindrm, they can go even more abstract than SHAFT and still somehow sustain this whimsical charm despite the pouring seriousness in the scene – yet as noted in Tonari, they can remain with a more planet Earth atmosphere and not go over the top with dream-like extravagance. They’re skilled at their craft, a...

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