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InuYasha: The Final Act - Set 1 Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Fans have been waiting many years for the continuation of Inuyasha and thankfully Inuyasha: The Final Act Set 1 does not disappoint. While viewers who are unfamiliar with the franchise will be utterly lost and even returning fans will need to refresh themselves first, the series picks up immediately where it left off and continues forward at a feverish pace that isn’t afraid to lay everything on the table. With the English voice cast returning, new members successfully matching old voice work, a stunning visual presentation and a story that is finally heading towards its end, fans will find themselves anxiously waiting for an end that has been so many years in the making."

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masterabbott3321d ago

this looks like a pretty decent looking anime, ive heard of inuyasha before and by reading this review i think i might pick this one up.

koga883321d ago

If you do, you really need to make sure you've seen the whole first part of the franchise. Otherwise you will literally be completely in the dark with this one. As the review says, there is no recap whatsoever. Hell the only thing that even gives you a smidgen of detail is the ending song background animation. That being said though, the entire series is worth picking up in my opinion and now that it actually has an ending now would be the best time to do it.

LinkageAX3321d ago

Man, Inuyasha was boring as crap. Why was it allowed to continue?

Xenial3321d ago

Inuyasha was amazing. I watched the final act during the summer when i had time. Sad it is over. :(

wishingW3L3320d ago

I was a huge fan of Inuyasha but this "final act" was mediocre. That Capsule website has no taste for anime, they just give 9 to everything just like 9GN.

koga883320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

Rather than just blindly labeling every show mediocre, which going from your comment history seems to be the case, why don't you actually explain why you didn't like the series. From what the site mentioned they enjoyed nearly everything in the series minus a few issues here and there. Also plenty of series have gotten lower scores from this site if you didn't feel like picking and choosing specific reviews to win your argument.

Also, not everyone hate's fan service/harem series and just because you do doesn't mean that there aren't people who appreciate or enjoy those types of things. As much as you may think so, you're opinion isn't the only one that matters, but hey go make a website and review things too so we can see all that you have to hate on.

kingPoS3320d ago

It's sure is going to look odd one next to the other seven boxsets.
That's my only gripe, It's not a deal breaker for me but it's still annoying.

Awe who an I kidding, since when have InuYasha boxsets not had slip cover foldouts. I don't want a bland dvd/bluray case!!!