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Top 10 Most Visually Striking Anime

Savanna Smith:

At the beginning of this anime season, one of the most popular series to be released called K, resurfaced the constantly debated topic of style over substance. Some people will ultimately always prefer a good story over good animation, while others won’t even go near an anime that’s animation isn't top quality. Both sides have their own valid arguments, but what these discussions managed to remind me of, is that anime is such a diverse medium that allows for so much creative freedom.

With that said, I decided to place together a list of the series and films that I find to have some of the most striking animation that you can find in the industry. I'm talking about those anime that the moment you start watching, you are instantly impressed or simply astonished by the visuals presented. It’s a quality in an anime that makes it truly memorable. So without further ado, here’s the list!

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sithsylar3317d ago

Thanks for the list really hard to find good anime! Cheers

level 3603317d ago

Great lists'. My faves are Redline - simply stunning animation, love it's over the top designs .. although was sort of disappointed with the ending. Tekkon Kinkreet - very impressed with the artists' fully built diagram of Treasure Town plus the addition of the Subaru 360 were the boys used as a home.

Simon_Brezhnev3317d ago

I wish you added "K" to the list even though the show is crap. The animation is top notch.

deep_fried_bum_cake3317d ago

Yeah the animation is great. I wouldn't say that K is crap though, it's just very anticlimactic. But they seem to be trying to be trying to change that a bit with the latest couple of episodes.