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Tenchi Muyo: OVA Collection Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"There are many series which have paved the way for certain genres of anime to follow in their wake. Many may find that Dragon Ball Z helped set the stage for the wave of shōnen based series that have sprung up since it ended many years ago and for harem anime, it was Tenchi Muyo! that lead the way. Despite the original OVA series found in this release of the Tenchi Muyo! OVA Collection ending nearly twenty years ago, many shows have since taken the harem theme and run with it. However Tenchi Muyo! will forever hold a place in many fans’ hearts, and now that it has been released on Blu-ray for the firs time, is it worth revisiting this classic piece of anime history once more?"

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LinkageAX3313d ago

If you have not seen or heard of this classic, please hand in your Otaku badge at the nearest convention.

koga883313d ago

Exactly, this was one of the first series that I watched when it was on Toonami and it probably helped make me such a fan of the harem genre as I am now.

kingPoS3312d ago

Such memories I had of that show. I actually learned how to program the VCR just so I could watch Tenchi Muyo after school.