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Blue Exorcist Film’s Pre-Opening Promo Streamed

The official website for the Blue Exorcist movie began streaming a new promotional video for the film before it opens in theaters throughout Japan on Friday. The video poses the question: “Should one slay, or save? The time of reckoning that will sway destiny.” The video also features the theme song “Reversi” from UVERworld, the band who also performed for the Blue Exorcist television anime series.

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yaz2883315d ago

Man I loved the anime .. it started so badass.
some episode were shit and the last part was little disappointing. however the begining oh it was good. ( their mother and Satan shit shouldve been hidden, they lost the mature and horror feel with that .. his brother shouldn't have got a demonic power, unless he is going to become the enemy .. the character relationship have fallen to the generic shonen shit, the fox girl was so evil and how she laughed at other dreams.. really liked her bitchy attitude ) . rin was all screaming angry and shit ( shouldve stayed like that!)

I decided to read the manga after the anime and surprised how it was different and how I didn't like it.

Simon_Brezhnev3315d ago

How come you didnt like the manga. The manga is better i dropped the anime around episode 15. Since they did an original ending which just ruined the anime series for me. You said the last part was disappointing because its not part of the real story. LOL

Lately in the manga the story did become average.

yaz2883314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

"How come you didnt like the manga"
maybe because the anime was so good.. the animation, the fights and the voice actor behind rin is really doing a great job! .. just hearing rin scream and destroying the place, things like going to find work and working ( nice add to the first ep ) the manga his dad was gone real quick while he stayed 2 ep in the anime. however the manga was good and I enjoyed it but that is it.

(with each ep the world of ao no just feel so small.. I hate that with animes -__-)

"You said the last part was disappointing because its not part of the real story."

the manga counterpart wasn't any better actually. ( it feels like filler ) in the anime the satan twist almost made me puke. wtf?! all the horror and awesomeness that I ve hold to the series crumbled ( satan is a good kid, yuri their mother is stupid girl and just got two kids ..and that is it. ) and when you fucking show satan normally allot of people should die because he is so powerfuuuuul beyond your dreams!_!.. like the blue night where the massacre happened( and satan was not fucking there!) but no somehow our beloved characters manged to fight and survive.. yukio ( I fucking know the power of love will get him back .. would've been cool if we had another grifth but no we need more shonen shit that already been made)

the last part I ve read in the manga was about some eyes ( thinking of naruto) and this city they are going to .. oh d.gray-man is so much better.