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The Ten Worst Anime of 2012

Anime Viking writes:

"It is time to get serious. These are the worst series that aired 2012 (of the ones I have seen, at least).

Which were the worst in your opinion?"

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iamlegend99993309d ago

Agree with 3 and then but disagree with 9, 7, 6, 4 and especially 1. What the hell is wrong with his tastes in anime for number 1. How can you not like sword art online?

Simon_Brezhnev3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

I'm still waiting to see his top the best anime.

Marow3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

I actually wonder how you can like SAO, but oh well. We all got different tastes.

gaffyh3308d ago

Well actually that's pretty simple. Great story, great environments, and particularly great fast pacing, which is unlike a lot of anime nowadays. It might not have had the greatest characters, but it was an amazing show because every episode was interesting and pretty unique.

To each their own I guess, but no way was it the worst anime of the season.
In fact it was one of the best. It's like anime snobbery or something, just because something is popular, it automatically becomes hated by the anime snobs. Just like movie critics.

iamlegend99993308d ago

How can you not. Sword Art online was one the best anime of 2012. The only downfall for it was the second part. The first part was pure genious.

iChii3308d ago

This article.. /.-

Did he seriously say Another is bad? That's it, I'm out.

yaz2883308d ago

anime like sao were you just madly fall in love with ( my case ) rarely come to me ( always looking)
just finished SAO (waiting for the show to end nearly killed me inside but finally I got to finish it. I am shocked that the SAO arc ended in 14. ( fucking badass ep)

Awesome story with great characters and world .. sound track is fucking EPIC! .. and finally awesome animation (good fights). I had a fucking WOOOW watching and just being shocked ( marriage, sex .. in a game?! woow)

however.. the second half was not as good as the first half (although I did enjoy it)
ALFEIN online or whatever is called doesn't have the same feel as SAO and all the drama that was going on.. hey this game doesn't really kill you so, why all this crying bitch?

after watching the ending I really wished the show ended after ep 14. the sister drama mmmm I don't know what to say. and the villain was just too evil lol. ( his end in ep 25 was better than 24 )
it had it awesome moment thankfully (the fight in ep 21!! best fight!.. if it was all done with that quality I would had no complain)

DivineHand1253308d ago

I somewhat agree with this list. Except I don't think Another should be there. I enjoyed it and looked forward to it every week. I haven't seen all the anime on this list but I think SAO shouldn't be number 1. It should be switched with number 10. I think Natsuyuki Rendezvous is an over rated series and I was forcing myself to watch it hoping it would get better but it never did so I dropped it. It was just too boring.

Gekko3308d ago

Putting Sword Art Online at number one is an absolute joke when you compare it to other anime such as Who is Imouto? that came out this year.

I'll be the first one to admit that it might not have had the best pace seeing as how every thing happens so fast but that doesn't necessarily make it bad and it's not like the overpowered “perfect boy” thing is anything new, that probably could describe every shonen protagonist out there.

Aside from that, I also don't agree with Natsuyuki Rendezvous being on that list. Sometimes you don't need a reason to like someone. I see the story as not being about who gets who but rather about when it's time to move on and making every second count.