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VOCALOID 3 KAITO News/Release Date

"VOCALOID 3 KAITO will be released in February of this year(2013) with four voice banks including “whisper”, “soft”, “straight” and “English”. The English voice bank is still in development, but KAITO’s English demos and songs (Bad Apple English, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, Reach for the Blue Sky) all sound absolutely amazing. His pronunciation of every letter and word is virtually flawless, though he still has a little bit of an accent, his English is completely understandable and he sounds absolutely beautiful. Also, I am very excited to announce that KAITO can pronounce the letter “L” as “L” and not “R”. He now speaks English, NOT Engrish! OuO I am so proud of my beloved KAITO. ♥ Though, admittedly his “C”s and “K”s are a bit iffy."

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