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Brittany Vincent:
Earlier this year I made the sojourn to local anime gathering Aoi Uma Con, who in its first year attracted heavy hitters of the dub industry such as Tiffany Grant and Vic Mignogna. Alongside my buddy, a rabid Full Metal Alchemist enthusiast, I attended Vic's Q&A panel, during which the suave voice actor fielded numerous marriage proposals, insipid "do that one line" requests, and one or two relevant questions: "What are you working on right now, Vic?"

Level E follows one Prince Baka (yes, Prince Idiot), a prankster of an alien prince who has no qualms with heckling poor members of the human race, subjecting them to his "brilliant" schemes and numerous grandiose plots that usually result in shock, horror, humiliation, or just sheer annoyance. Seriously, he goes that far. He delights in blackmailing his human "victims" and practically squeals with delight when a plan comes to fruition. It's a riot watching them come together, too. Especially when they backfire.

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