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Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Review | Japanator

Pedro Cortes:

Like any great science fiction franchise, Mass Effect has quite the extended universe. Whether it's the extraneous entries within the games, or the comics that fill in the gaps between the first and second games or the books that detail the crimes of Cerberus, Mass Effect has been able to create a living, breathing world that any author can use to create some interesting stories.

When I heard that there was going to be an animated movie done by Production I.G., I was happy to see that another group of artists were going to get their crack at this rich world. Then I heard that it was going to be about the exploits of James Vega, the meat-head Alliance Marine who was debuting in the last game of the trilogy. I was…displeased, to say the least. When you have about a dozen sentient species who have all been fighting each other for millennia with some pretty high stakes, I felt that it was a waste of a film to tell a story that Vega was able to spin in the midst of a boxing match with Shepard.

So now that I've seen Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, do I still have the same displeasure? In short, no, but that doesn't mean that the final product is any good. Hit the jump to read why

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